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Reduce Internet Data usage by Disabling Automatic Updates

Disable / Turn Off Automatic Updates In Windows 10, Here’s How


Unlike the majority of other versions that have come before it, automatic updates in Windows 10 cannot be simply tinkered with. Microsoft will push updates to your Windows 10 powered computer which will be automatically downloaded. The idea is to keep users up to date and safe with latestsecurity patches installed. Luckily, there are some ways around this.

We’ll be taking you through three different ways in which automatic updates in Windows 10 can be tackled to your preference.

Windows 10 automatically sets certain connection types as metered. This essentially means that certain connections, such as cellular services, often have data limitations and restrictions in place. Windows sets these as metered to prevent downloading tons of data that could prove costly. However, it is possible to set any connection type as being metered.

Step 1: Launch the Windows 10 Settings application (Windows key + I).

Step 2: Now click Network & Internet.

Step 3: Click Advanced options which appears below the list of Wi-Fi networks so you may have to scroll down a bit.

Step 4: Toggle the Set as metered connection switch to On. It is important to understand that this option will only affect the network you’re currently connected to, and that Windows will remember the setting.

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